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Leeboard - Art in a Window


Leeboard- abstract portrait in pastel

An abstract portrait of jazz artist and former US Marine Band member Lee Henderson, who also played in a band with the artist. This piece was done on wood.


Our prints are made individually by the finest quality printer. Art prints are tricky, and printers are notoriously challenging to work with. It took many years of searching and developing a relationship with our printer to be able to offer these exceptional quality prints at a good price. A number of printing options are available to you, and each print you order will be shipped directly to you.

If you want something more exclusive, original pieces are available. The artist has had a hard time letting them go, but is finally willing to part with them after many offers over the years. Contact us to inquire about purchasing originals.

At Art in a Window we care about the models that were instrumental in the creation of these erotic fine art pieces. All of the models receive a percentage of the sale price of every print and original work.


Prices include shipping. All are custom printed on archival paper with top quality inks, and come with a certificate of provenance with a seal.

LARGE $150