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Shuke’s War by Sir Tokis *Sample Chapters*

“Shuke’s War” by Sir Tokis is an author book which is scheduled for release this Summer. It is in its third draft which is the final for content, then the next will be fine editing for punctuation, grammar, syntax, etc. The first 60 pages if “Shuke’s War” were written without regard for structure as a novel because it was an exercise by the author to use more or less as personal therapy. This effort evolved into the 200+ page fantasy novel it is with dragons, distant planets, infinite or near spans of time and space, magic, giants and little people…the plot is winding and visceral with a huge emphasis placed on action for the latter half, in exploring the mysterious worlds to create the war in the first half. Goblins fight light-soldiers in a battle with a mushroom wizard and a wood sorcerer, all upon a great mountain where at the top sleeps a newborn dragon called “Shuke”.

For the first two sample chapters FREE while they last, click the provided link! These are third draft pre-release samples which are copyrighted and downloading them does not give you the right to sell, distribute, alter, reproduce or otherwise make use of the copyrighted property, as a disclaimer. But does want people to know what is coming during the summer so enjoy the samples as a free copy of two chapters which will later be sold. The book will be offered FREE again for a couple of months at least as a Kindle version but eventually will be distributed in several countries as an e-book and as a printable version. Local copies in Oregon will be available for very limited release in hopefully Powell’s and select bookstores.
Feel free to critique the work by offering any feedback in the contact form! You don’t have to say who you are or expect any response. Even bad reviews are welcome.

Chapter 1 Sample Link
Chapter 2 Sample Link

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